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Clothing & Climate

Clothing & Climate

What to Wear

T-shirts, shorts and athletic shoes are a common sight in the summer; long pants and a light jacket are recommended in winter. Advise your clients to bring along comfortable shoes for sightseeing and formal attire if they plan on fine dining or nightclubbing.

Climate in Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ 320 days of sunshine a year promises great vacation weather year-round. If your clients love outdoor activities, then the Las Vegas territory will make a perfect match for them. If they’re visiting in the summer, tee times and other outdoor activities are best scheduled for the early morning when the desert air is mild and enjoyable. With an average annual rainfall of 4.13 inches (10.5 cm) and humidity around 29 percent, the climate is classified as arid.

The following gives you an idea of the weather your clients can expect for each month.


Average Monthly Weather Conditions in Las Vegas
  Temperatures Precipitation  
Month Avg Low Avg High Inches cm Humidity%
January 39°F 4°C 58°F 14°C 0.48 1.21 43
February 41°F 5°C 61°F 16°C 0.48 1.21 28
March 49°F 9°C 71°F 22°C 0.42 1.10 22
April 55°F 13°C 77°F 25°C 0.21 0.53 20
May 66°F 19°C 91°F 32°C 0.28 0.71 18
June 74°F 23°C 100°F 38°C 0.12 0.30 21
July 81°F 27°C 105°F 41°C 0.35 0.89 24
August 78°F 26°C 102°F 39°C 0.49 1.24 26
September 71°F 22°C 95°F 35°C 0.28 0.71 27
October 59°F 15°C 82°F 28°C 0.21 0.53 29
November 46°F 8°C 66°F 19°C 0.43 1.10 31
December 39°F 4°C 57°F 14°C 0.38 0.97 44
Source: National Weather Service
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